3 Day Detox - Trying something new

If you know me, you’d know that a Detox that involves 3 days of no solid food would not be something I’d independently consider. As it sometimes happens though, through a specific set of circumstances I ended up with a free pack of Healthnag’s three day detox, which involves only having liquid forms of power for 3 full days. 


Curious to see if I could actually survive - mentally, rather than physically - and if there’d be any noticeable impact, I went ahead and planned a few days of abstinence from my usual semi-unhealthy-eat-out-a-lot-high-sugar-and-only-sometimes-best-practice dietary habits. 

I started preparing three days before, and for those days didn’t eat meat, no diary, no unnatural sugar (to the extent I could tell), tried to stay vegan and drank more water than usual - not difficult, because I rarely have more than a liter a day. This means, I had salads, rice, green juice, kale, vegetables. 


The detox consists of a total of seven power packets per day, meant to be drunk mixed in water at a total of almost four liters. Not being used to so much water, I started mixing it with fresh juice (which was allowed) from day two onwards, which made it much easier. 

Three of the seven packets represent the main meals, two snacks in between, and one when you wake up and go to bed respectively, below is the list:  

Contrary to what you would think, the worst was the first day actually, starting from midday onwards. Owing to the water / powder in take I didn’t feel like particularly hungry and energy levels were also under control, but it was uncomfortable as your stomach starts feeling like a water ballon, and a feeling of nausea set in, possibly because of all the water, paired with slight dizziness. 

On the second day I felt much better in the morning, and because I started drinking the powder mixed with some juices, which was much easier to absorb, I didn’t feel nauseous anymore. Feelings of slight hunger - or probably more a craving for solid food - started in the afternoon, but still bearable. 

The third day was quite easy as well, but again a feeling of hunger started appearing in the afternoon and I must say, at this point I really wanted to have some solid food again.  In hindsight, it felt harder to not eat on the weekend, where the are often less distractions and more temptations than during a busy day at work, so next time (did I say next time?) I would plan at least two week days. 

Personally, I didn’t feel a significant difference in the days following the detox, although I had the impression I slept a little better and woke up a bit more energetic for a few days. On the other hand, it’s probably difficult to correlate the detox with general mood and energy directly, as these aspects may also swing independently. 

Since I also don’t smoke or drink alcohol, there may be less potential impact from a detox in my body, despite my probably less-than-ideal eating habits. Admittedly, I may have also spoilt the effects by relatively quickly going back to my normal food routine afterwards.

Worth trying? Sure - even if just for the mental challenge and to see how your body reacts. 

Check out https://healthnag.com/ to learn more!